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Product Specifications

Product Name MENTHOL USP (Menthol molten)
Organaleptic Properties :

Colorless or white infused masses.
Pleasant and characteristic
Refreshing, pleasant followed by cooling taste .
Soluble in Alcohol.(95%)
Analytical specifications:
Specific Rotation
Melting Point
Non volatile residue

-45° to -51°
41.0°C to 44.0°C
0.05% max.
G.C. Assay

Regulatory status :

2216 - 51 – 5
218 - 690 - 9
2906 . 11 . 00 . 00
Shelf life
Storage condition

5 Years
Keep in a tightly closed container, Stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area .
Batch/Lot Size 200 To 32000 Kg.
Container Type 200 kg G.I. Drum.

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Aromaticsherb is one of the leading dealers of selling exporting and manufacturing the highest quality of menthol powder menthol powder is widely used in the fields of skincare and parasitical industries menthol is naturally obtained by freezing peppermint oil which has cool sensation the presented crystals of methyl menthol are then separated by filtration its appearance is colorless or white in fuse message it's order is pleasant and its taste is refreshing pleasant followed by cooling taste month allied deals in offering a wide range of menthol powder products to domestic and international customers we give services to our customers' needs metalloid of this natural property product for commercial and domestic usage as per the customer's requirements we are good at selling manpower powder for bulk or in small quantity to meet diverse requirements.

Here in our laboratory, menthol powder is extracted naturally by freezing peppermint oil which carries in itself cooling properties because of it school in properties it is highly used in skincare and skin medicine for several reasons it is best to cure itching. Naturally added products as it is highly used in skincare products it helps in temporary relief of pain and itching due to minor burns sunburn minor cuts scraps insect bites - skin irritations rashes due to poison ivy poison sumac in this regard menthol powder is widely used in making talc for summer weather as it is cooling effect reduces irritation caused by sweating is its shelf life is for 5 years which is really good as storage of drugs it should be kept in a tightly-closed container and stored in a cool dry and ventilated area.