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Product Name Quality Available Product Name Quality Available
Spearmint Oil 90% 90% Minimum L-Carvone Content Spearmint Oil 80% 80% Minimum L-Carvone Content
Spearmint Oil 75% 70% Minimum L-Carvone Content Spearmint Oil 60% 60% Minimum L-Carvone Content

Product Specifications

Appearance Liquid
Color Pale yellow.
Odour Characteristic Spearmint.
Taste Characteristic Spearmint Taste.
CAS No. 8008 - 79 - 5
FEMA No. 3032
EINECS 283 - 656 - 2
Solubility Soluble in 80% Alcohol
Critical Component As per Standard
Antioxidant Nil
Tariff No. 3301. 25 . 00 . 20
Batch/Lot Size 180 Kg To 14400 Kg
Container Type GI Drums

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As the leading manufacturer, seller & exporter of spearmint oil Menthaallied is a foremost name in the industry of selling Spearmint oil. Spearmint oil is beneficial for digestive issues, mental clarity, and emotional support, not only that Spearmint oil is a kid-frisendly essential oil as well.

This essential oil is energizing yet balancing and calming for stress and tension. Inhaling the refreshing minty Aroma stimulates the senses and clears the mind. The botanical name of spearmint is Menthaspicata. Its Aroma is sweet, minty, and herbaceous. It is naturally obtained by the spearmint plant by various methods depending on its usage.

Aromaticsherb deals in offering a wide range of spearmint oil products in bulk or in small quantities to customers. Customers can buy it for retail or wholesale business as well. We at Aromaticsherb sell this natural product in a wide range for domestic and commercial purposes as per the customer's requirements. We are good at offering our products to meet diverse requirements.

It is a natural product extracted from natural plants Spearmint. Its color is pale yellow. It has liquid properties. Spearmint oil contains a minimum amount of menthol and menthone. It is used as a flavoring for toothpaste and confectionery and is sometimes added to shampoos and soaps. Spearmint oil has been traditionally used as medicines for minor ailments such as fever and digestive disorders. Spearmint oil is also used as insecticide and pesticide. It has had success as a larvicide against mosquitoes. Using spearmint as a larvicide would be a greener alternative to synthetic insecticides due to their toxicity and negative effect on the environment.

Spearmint oil is also very effective in relieving nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy Spearmint oil also contains a large number of antioxidant compounds including rosmarinic acid, flavors and flavanones like limonene and menthol. As Spearmint oil is beneficial for digestive issues it is highly used in pharmaceutical sectors and we at Menthaallied manufacture it at high demand.Spearmint oil is used to make kids products as well as it does not cause any kind of side effect internally and externally to kids.

Call Aromaticsherb and order for affordable range of spearmint oil in bulk or in small quantities as per your requirement and see how that spearmint oil becomes a changing agent in your life as it is a natural product and totally herbal.