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Celery is not just a vegetable that you eat in your diet. It is more like a medicinal herb that can be extracted and an essential oil is formed for different health related purposes. These are small light green colour herbs that you find at the marketplace. The essential oil made out of celery is something a difficult process that requires complete knowledge of extraction and specialised tools and equipment.

Aromaticsherb being the biggest herbs supplier & manufacturer of essential oil in India, we offer the purest form of Celery Oil for personal and commercial usage and meet your requirements in an affordable manner. You can order the retail or bulk quantity of affordable celery essential oil as per your usage and avail the same in a matter of short span of time.

Multiple Uses of Celery Oil

It is necessary to look at different uses of celery essential oil in order to best understand its properties and magnificent benefits. So, here we present some of the best uses of celery oil as a multi-purpose essential oil.

  • Detoxify your Body: Celery oil is an excellent detoxifying agent for you. The natural chemical inside the oil help to detoxify your liver, kidneys, and overall body. A gentle massage of this oil when mixed with coconut oil on the abdominal area helps to detoxify your body. It helps to increase the frequency of urine to take out excessive salt, bile, uric acid, and urea.
  • Offers Pain Relief: Celery oil has anti-inflammatory properties inside that clearly help to offer pain relief. Be it like the pain of muscles, joins, arthritis, rheumatism, gout, or any other, a gentle massage of celery oil offers natural relief from the pain.
  • Treat Stomach Issues: Mix 3-4 drops of celery oil mixed with 1.5 ml of coconut oil and massage it well on the abdominal area. This gives you instant relief from discomfort of indigestion. The natural seed agent oil is beneficial to clear your stomach by taking out harmful enzymes and digestive juices.
  • Kill Insects and Mosquitoes: If you are suffering a big issue because of increasing insects and mosquitoes inside home environment, then Celery oil is your pick. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of this essential oil work best as a mosquito repellent inside your home surroundings. You can diffuse the droplets of this oil through a vaporizer in your surroundings and soon find mosquitoes away from your house.

There are some more uses of Celery Oil that you will experience once you buy the same. Simply rely on Aromaticsherb as ideal exporter of celery oil &fulfill your requirement of acquiring a natural product to get rid of all the mentioned issues.



Steam distillation is the technical process applied to recover the heat sensitive compounds from spices. Spice oils are unstable and heat sensitive compounds are present in the spice.