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The majestic white Jasmine flowers that you all know have incredible health and skin-nourishment properties inside. After a clear and technically advanced process of extraction, Jasmine Oil is formed for multiple uses in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Jasmine Oil features the sweet aromatic fragrance mostly used in making perfumes, room fresheners, scents, and like that. But most importantly, this essential oil is used for skincare, treating anxiety and stress, healing pain, and cheering up the mood of people.

Here at Aromaticsherb the ideal exporter of jasmine oil, follow a detailed extraction process of Jasmine Oil from Jasmine flowers, especially collected from different tropical regions of India. Our experts perform thorough heating, distillation, and extraction process to form a purest form & best price of Jasmine Oil having the majestic aroma inside along with different properties like anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, and many more others.

Several Benefits of Using Jasmine Oil:

  • Remove stress and anxiety
  • Get rid of depression
  • Come out of fatigue situation
  • Treat menstrual cramps by applying the oil abdominals
  • Inhale or do massage on the head to improve sleep pattern and nourishes hairs as well
  • Apply on skin to naturally fight infections and improve the overall immunity
  • Smell the purest form of Jasmine Oil to cheer up the mood and boost the overall concentration

Buy essential Jasmine Oil from the biggest supplier & manufacturer in India i.eAromaticsherb at the best affordable price for personal and commercial usage. We offer this flower extract oil in ideal packing that can be used for a long-lasting time as per the requirement.


Steam distillation is the technical process applied to recover the heat sensitive compounds from spices.
Spice oils are unstable and heat sensitive compounds are present in the spice.