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L-Limonene 90% is a naturally processed product which is present under the skin of lemons and oranges. The refreshing lemon orange fragrance is witnessed inside cleaning products, food supplements, and in aromatherapy products.

Here at Aromaticsherb, find 100% pure quality of L-Limonene 90% product which is widely used for manufacturing products for cleaning, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industry.

The main element of L-Limonene 90% is the refreshing effect of lemon or orange properties which is widely used in cleaning products. The natural solvent property of this material helps to clean the floor, surfaces, and any area while being used inside cleaning sprays and lotions.

Especially in relation with cosmetic industry, L-Limonene 90% is also used in making facial creams, scrubs, lotions, room fresheners, and more. The soothing lemon orange smell sure to bring an amazing effect in the area and natural agent of the material nourishes skin.

If you are looking to shop for retail or bulk quantity of L-Limonene 90% products for various industrial usage, then we are here to meet your demands, Here, you find highest quality of commercial and personal usage products with best price guarantee.

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