L-Limonene 80%

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Product Specifications

Solubility At 20 °, in 4 volume of Ethanol (70%)
Specific Gravity 25 Deg.C. 0.820 to 0.880
Refractive Index 20 Deg. C. 1.455 - 1.475
Optical Rotation 25 Deg. C. -65.0 ° - -85.0°
GC Purity 80% Minimum ( L-Limonene)
Critical Components As per Standard
Antioxidant Nil
HS Code 3301. 25 . 00 . 10
Batch/Lot Size 170 Kg To 13600 Kg
Container Type GI Drums

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Limonene 80% is a useful chemical used in different industries including pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics. The chemical is highly important to create favourable products for customers in relevant industries and fulfil the necessary demand.

We at Aromaticsherb is here to offer pure quality Limonene 80% as per your commercial and personal requirements. We have a complete process to extract Limonene from different varieties of citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and various others. After that, we process the chemical into its purest form meant for different industrial usage.

If you belong to the cosmetic industry with having a business to manufacture skincare products, then Limonene 80% is an apt chemical to buy for. 80% of Limonene chemical in skincare lotions, creams, and other products help to give a refreshing effects on the skin of consumers resulting in instant fairness. Even the sweet and tangy aromatic smell of Limonene in cosmetic products lift up the mood of consumers.

Even for pharmaceutical companies, Limonene 80% is a useful chemical to go for. Using such a chemical in pain relief creams, ointments, and lotions help to get rid of body and muscle pain. Additionally, Limonene 80% is also widely used for treatments like cancer, obesity, and bronchitis.

Now, you must be having an idea of multiple yet essential uses of Limonene 80% chemical in various industries. If you like to shop for the same, then rely on us.

Here at Aromaticsherb, we produce 100% fine quality Limonene 80% for industrial usage. You can buy the chemical in retail or bulk quantity as per your business requirements.