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Natural Mentha Piperita Oil is a naturally extracted peppermint oil which is derived peppermint leaves through a particular distillation and filtration process. We at Aromaticsherb deal in offering 100% purest form of essential oil like that of this Natural Mentha Piperita oil for personal and industrial usage.

The presence of peppermint in natural Mentha Piperita Oil is an important inclusion that provides a cooling sensation. This oil is largely used in pain relief lotions and ointments that provide a cooling effect on the skin whenever applied. In the same manner, facial creams and lotions have presence of this menthol oil to bring freshness on the skin.

Especially for pharmaceutical purpose as well Natural Mentha Piperita Oil is also used in manufacturing stomach medicines to treat bowl syndrome, diarrhoea, gas, and other such issues. Again the cooling effect of the oil brings great relief to stomach.

In relation with food industry, several set of products contain Natural Mentha Piperita Oil including peppermint tablets, mouth fresheners, throat spray, chewing gums, and more. The main element is to diffuse freshness inside the mouth.

Shop for the purest form of this essential oil for particular usage and manufacturing products. We at Aromaticsherb offer Natural Mentha Piperita Oil in purest form in retail and bulk quantity.

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