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Product Specifications

Molecular weight 156.27
Empirical formula C 10 H 20 O
CAS No. 2216 - 51 - 5
EINECS # 218 - 690 - 9
COE No. 63
JECFA No. 427
FEMA No. 2665
Appearance Shiny Crystals
Colour Colorless
Odour Pleasant and characteristic
Taste Refreshing, pleasant followed by cooling taste
Solubility Soluble in Alcohol.
Specific Rotation -45 ° to -51°
Melting Point 41.0 ° C to 44.0 ° C
Non volatile residue 0.05% max
Flash Point 93 ° C (close cup method)
Boiling point 212 ° C. @ 760 mm Hg.
Vapor pressure 0.8 mm Hg. @ 20 ° C.
Shelf life 5 Years
GC Purity 99.40% Min. (L-Menthol Content)
Antioxidant Nil
HS Code 2906 . 11 . 00
Batch/Lot Size 1000 Kgs. To 9000 Kgs.
Container Type 25 Kg In Papper Drums

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Aromaticsherb is one of the reliable dealers & suppliers in selling, exporting, and the highest quality of Menthol Crystal manufacturer. Widely used in different fields of pharmaceutical industries, skincare, and confectionary departments.

Menthol Crystal is one fine product of the nature that is naturally extracted from the peppermint oil which has cool sensation. The sweet taste and aromatic fragrance of Menthol Crystal is one of the reasons of different cosmetic products made out of the same.

We at Aromaticsherb deals in offering affordable Menthol Crystal products to domestic and international customers. We deal in offering this natural property equipped product for commercial and domestic usage as per your requirement. Additionally, you can order Menthol Crystal in bulk or call for small packages to meet diverse requirements.

Know More about Menthol Crystal

Completely extracted from peppermint plant by our experienced professionals, Menthol Crystal carries in itself marvellous cooling properties. Because of the cooling effect a diverse range of cosmetic products for skin is prepared for masses all across the globe. So, if you are a cosmetic manufacturer, then Menthol Crystal is an amazing material to bring the natural flair of features in products and nourishes the skin of people without causing any irritation.

In this regard, Menthol Crystal is widely used in making carrier oil, skin lotion, etc. Also, the natural properties of this material in cosmetic products will eliminate the skin issues of irritation, burn, blackheads, whiteheads, lice, and nits.

Another magical characteristic of Menthol Crystal is the cooling agent properties that keep your skin under great effect. Also, used in essential oils, this material keeps your body cool in an extremely hot environment. Therefore, the same can be applied on the skin to feel the cooling effect and arouse the skin cells to make you appear fair and attractive in front of others.

Also, used in creating mouth fresheners as well, Menthol Crystal carried a great aromatic taste. It allows people to feel the cooling characteristic inside the mouth after consuming the freshener.

Furthermore, high-quality properties of healing the skin, allergy, and injuries are external properties of Menthol Crystal. You can lay hands on the same to create pain relief lotions and ointment that help to get rid of the muscle and joint pains of any kind.

It further helps in curing lungs and other respiratory diseases due to having its medicinal properties as well. Also, the Menthol Crystal product helps to treat nausea, dizziness, headache, stress, tensions, relax muscles, grow hair, or any kind of ailment.

Buy the best-quality Menthol Crystal material in bulk or in small quantities to utilize best for commercial and personal purposes. Here at Aromaticsherb we supply the widely used natural products to meet different purposes of customers at a cost-effective price.