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Product Specifications

Common Name L-Limonene, Leavo Limonene, Limonene & Mint Terpene
Appearance Colourless to light yellow clear liquid.
Odour Characteristic and Pleasant.
CAS No. 68608 - 35 - 5
Solubility At 20 °, in 4 volume of Ethanol (70%)
Specific Gravity 20/20 Deg.C. 0.8330 to 0.8880
Refractive Index 20 Deg. C. 1.455 - 1.4750
Optical Rotation 25 Deg. C. -23.0 ° - -43.0 °
GC Purity 96.00% Min. (Total Terpenes)
Critical Components As per Standard
Antioxidant Nil
HS Code 3301. 25 . 00 . 10
Batch/Lot Size 170 Kg. To 13600 Kg.
Container Type GI Drums

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Mint terpene is a mixture of terpenes. The basic constituents of these Terpenes are L-Limonene, Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Cineol and Octanol. Menthaallied deals not in just a few chemicals but the whole range of products. Our professional team extract the best essential properties of Mint products and produce Mint Terpene.

It is a very useful product. It is a colorless clear and transparent free-flowing liquid and having Terpene characteristic odor. Mint Terpene is used in food additives, perfumery, and aromatherapy. It has medicinal properties and helps in fighting bacteria, fungus, and environmental stress.

The Terpenes are basically a group of isomeric hydrocarbons that are classified as Terpenes. They each have the same molecular formula and carbon framework, but they differ in the position of carbon-carbon double bonds.

Mint Terpene is antibacterial. It actually reduces the healing time. It also helps in destroying bacteria and inhibits fungi.The cooling sensation that comes from using these actually has a compound that will often help numb an area. This can be useful when dealing with bug bites, areas of the skin that are irritated by things like carpet burn and even when recovering from surgery. It should not be applied directly to wounds. It is not suggested for children.

It relieves joint pains. The cooling and numbing properties work together to soothe away joint pain and make it so that the joints are completely relaxed. That is why it is highly recommended in the pharmaceutical sector. We at Menthaallied uses high-quality range of natural products to extract mint terpeneso that it retains its intact properties and does not become a mere chemical substance.

Rubbing the Mint Terpene on the temples and using it for aromatherapy purposes will generally help reduce a headache, this is both due to the ability to relax the muscles that it comes into contact with and ability for the fresh scent to help clear out the sinuses.

When taken orally, the cooling properties of Mint Terpene can help reduce fevers as well. They can also be applied topically helping to bring down fever through sweating. In fact the recent studies show that Mint Terpene can also be effective in protection from cancer treatment side effects. It helps in protecting cells from damage that is known to occur when undergoing chemo or radiation. It is also helpful in stimulating hair growth. It stimulates blood flow to the scalp ensuring that the hair that does grow is healthy and thick making it long lasting that is why nowadays it is helpful in making products that are useful for hair growth.

Menthaallied sells and manufacture Mint Terpene as per the customer's demand. Order in bulk or in small quantities as cater to your needs. We export and import mint Terpene for commercial and domestic purposes. We are the leading manufacturer of mint in the current market.