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Product Specifications

Solubility Soluble in Alcohol
Specific Gravity 35 Deg.C. 0.885 to 0.899
Refractive Index 30 Deg. C. 1.450 - 1.462
Optical Rotation 35 Deg. C. -36.00° to -45.00°
GC Purity 97.00 % Min (L-Menthol Content)
Critical Components As per Standard
Antioxidant Nil
HS Code 2906 . 1100
Batch/Lot Size 180 Kg To 28800 Kg
Container Type GI Drums

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Menthol Melted 97% is a product available in liquid state which is being derived from MenthaArvensis Oil. It is a widely used raw product in various industries like cosmetic industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food industry. The major properties of this product include aromatic smell, cooling effect on the skin, and refreshing feature to make you energetic all day long.

Here at Aromaticherb, lay hands on the highest-quality range of Menthol Melted 97% in a required quantity. We are here to serve the purpose of clients for their commercial and personal usage. Additionally, Menthol Melted 97% product is offered both in bulk and retail as per your requirement.

Menthol Melted 97% in cosmetic industry is widely used to manufacture products for skin nourishment and maintaining oral hygiene. As for the skincare products, you find wide usage of Menthol Melted in shampoos, skincare cream, lotions, message oils, and more. The sweet aromatic smell of the product provides refreshing and soothing feeling to people. On the other side, Menthol Melted is also inserted inside a toothpaste to provide you an amazing cooling sensation in mouth.

As for food industry, Menthol Melted 97% is also used to bring freshness in the minds and tongue of users. Especially for creating products like chewing gum, throat spray, mint tablets, and various others, such product is used.

In pharmaceutical industry, a majority of pain relief balms, ointment, creams, lotions, and oil are made up of Menthol Melted 97%. The best part about all the products is adorable smell and cooling sensation provided to the skin.