Levo-Menthol (Molten 99.5%)

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Product Specifications

Molecular weight 156.27
Empirical formula C 10 H 20 O
CAS No. 2216 - 51 - 5
EINECS # 218 - 690 - 9
COE No. 63
JECFA No. 427
FEMA No. 2665
Appearance Melted state, shiny colourless liquid
Colour Colorless
Odour Pleasant and characteristic
Taste Refreshing, pleasant followed by cooling taste
Solubility Soluble in Alcohol.
Specific Rotation -45 ° to -51°
Melting Point 41.0 ° C to 44.0 ° C
Non volatile residue 0.05% max
Flash Point 93° C (close cup method)
Boiling point 212° C. @ 760 mm Hg.
Vapor pressure 0.8 mm Hg. @ 20 ° C.
Shelf life 5 Years
Storage condition Keep in a tightly closed container, Stored in a cool, dry, ventilated area between 10 deg C to 30 deg. C.
Purity 99.50%.min.
Hazard Identification None, as per MSDS
Antioxidant Nil
HS Code 2906 . 11 . 00
Batch/Lot Size 180 Kg To 28800 Kg
Container Type GI Drums

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L-Menthol (Molten 99.55%) is a naturally extracted fine set of products used in different industries for multiple uses. It has an amazing cooling effect on skin and various medicinal properties inside.

We at Aromaticsherb have been dealing with extracting, processing, manufacturing, and exporting L-Menthol (Molten 99.5%) in various parts of India and the globe. This particular liquid form of product is used in different industries including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and much more. Shop for the highest-quality of L-Menthol (Molten 99.5%) as per commercial or personal usage at the best price. Additionally, we offer this product in robust packing for bulk and retail orders as per your requirement.

L-Menthol (Molten 99.5%) is an amazing product used in food industry as a cooling agent to refresh the mouth. Mainly used in mouth fresheners, candy, chewing-gum, and many more others. The very process of consuming such products containing L-Menthol (Molten 99.5%) helps to bring cooling effect in your mouth for a long-time.

As for the cosmetic industry, L-Menthol (Molten 99.5%) offered by us is best used in the process of manufacturing pain relief lotions, balm, ointments, and nose inhalers. The cooling effect of the product provides a cool sensation on the skin, thus having a rejuvenating effect to get rid of any kind of body and muscle pain.

The adorable smell of L-Menthol (Molten 99.5%) is another characteristic of this product allowing cosmetic industry to use in the process of manufacturing perfumes and deodorants.

Lay hands on the choice of quantity of L-Menthol (99.5%) for having specific usage and industry in mind. We at Aromaticsherb offer your best quality and affordable price of products.