Menthyl Acetate

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Product Specifications

Miscibility Miscible with Alcohol and ether.
Specific Gravity 25 Deg.C. 0.910 to 0.950
Optical Rotation 25 Deg.C. -70.00° to -80.00°
Refractive Index 20 Deg. C. 1.440 - 1.450
GC Purity 96.00% Minimum ( Menthyl Acetate)
Critical Component As per Standard
Antioxidant Nil
HS Code 2915 . 2990
Batch/Lot Size 25 Kg. To 9000 Kg.
Container Type GI Drums

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Menthyl(Mentha) Acetate is a naturally extracted product primarily used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Here at Aromaticsherb one of the biggest supplier, exporter, & manufacturer of Menthyl Acetate, you will find pure quality and required quantity of Menthyl Acetate for personal and commercial purpose.

The cooling sensation agent of Menthyl Acetate is the main element for its most uses in various industries. When used in food industry for the process of manufacturing products like chewing gum, chewing tablets, and various other. These give you cooling effect inside the mouth and bring freshness all day long.

Menthyl Acetate offered by us is also widely used in cosmetic industry as well. If you are in the process of manufacturing skincare lotions, face creams, and other products, then make best use of Menthyl Acetate availed from us in the purest possible form.

We at Aromaticsherb deal in the best quality Menthyl Acetate available for various industries. Make way for this product to serve your purpose well and manufacture commercial products to increase business profit.