Natural Crude Mentha Oil 75% Min

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Product Specifications

Solubility Soluble in 70% Alcohol
Specific Gravity 25 Deg.C. 0.892 to 0.910
Refractive Index 20 Deg. C. 1.4550 - 1.4670
Optical Rotation 25 Deg. C. -20.0 ° to - 38.0 °
Gc Purity 70.00 - 73.00% (L-Menthol Content)
Critical Components As per Standard
Antioxidant Nil
Tariff No. 3301 . 25 . 00 . 10
Batch/Lot Size 180Kg. To 28800 Kg.
Container Type G.I. Drums

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Natural Crude Mentha Oil 75% Min is a naturally extracted essential oil having so many useful properties. Most preferred by various sets of industries like food industry, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry have high demand for such oil.

Extracted from Menthaarvensis through the detailed process of distillation, the essential oil is used for several businesses. Here at Aromaticsherb, we deal in offering the top-quality of natural crude Mentha oil 75% Min for meeting varying requirements of industries at all levels.

Shop for Natural Crude Mentha oil 75% min essential oil, if you deal in manufacturing cosmetics for people. The natural property of cooling effect and aromatic fragrance have of magical essence on the skin of customers. Be it like manufacturing products like skincare lotions, creams, makeups, perfumes or any other. This essential oil is useful to provide cooling sensation on the skin of users along with a nice smell all day long.

For those involved in food industry in terms of manufacturing products like chewing gums, mouth fresheners or any other. Again nature crude Mentha oil 75% min is an essential element to offer cooling properties

The naturally extracted product like natural crude Mentha oil 75% min has of other manifold uses depending on your industry. Shop for a bulk or small quantities of this essential oils in preserved bottles from us at the best price.

We are the leading and trusted manufacturers and exporters of natural crude Mentha oil 75% min.