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Product Name Quality Available Product Name Quality Available
Menthofuran 95% 95% Minimum MF Content Menthofuran 90% 90% Minimum MF Content
Menthofuran 85% 85% Minimum MF Content Menthofuran 80% 80% Minimum MF Content
Menthofuran 75% 75% Minimum MF Content Menthofuran 70% 70% Minimum MF Content
Menthofuran 65% 65% Minimum MF Content Menthofuran 60% 60% Minimum MF Content
Menthofuran 55% 55% Minimum MF Content Menthofuran 50% 50% Minimum MF Content

Product Specifications

Appearance Yellowish to yellowish green clear liquid.
Odour Pleasant
Taste Pungent Followed by Cooling Sensation
CAS No. 494 - 90 - 6
FEMA No. 3235
Solubility Soluble in Alcohol
Critical Component As per Standard
Antioxidant Nil
HS Code 301 . 24 . 00 . 00
Batch/Lot Size 25 Kg. To 1080 Kg.
Container Type GI Drums

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Menthofuran is an organic compound that is used in making essential oils for cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. This component has magical properties of aromatic smell and cool refreshing menthol effect while consuming.

If you belong to the cosmetic or pharmaceutical industry, then Menthofuran component is your ideal product to lay hands upon. Make the best use of this product to manufacturing things for diverse industries.

Menthofuran is highly useful in the cosmetic industry to manufacture products including skincare oils, lotions, and creams. Skin nourishment products having Menthofuran inside provides a rich cooling effect on the skin along with the sweet aromatic smell.

When talking about the uses of Menthofuran in the pharmaceutical industry, then a whole lot of products are made using the same. You can manufacture products like pain relief ointments, lotions, and spray.

The inclusion of theMenthofuran component in pain relief products helps to provide instant ease from body and muscle pain.

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