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Spearmint Terpene is a naturally cooling agent product which is used for several industries. We at Aromaticsherb deal in manufacturing, processing, and exporting the purest form of Spearmint Terpene for various personal and commercial usage.

A terpene is a crystalline solid material that smells and taste like a cooling peppermint. The cooling agent and refreshing aroma are the main properties of Spearmint Terpene.

The product is widely used for several sets of industries including cosmetic industry, food industry, and pharmaceutical as well. You can lay hands on the purest form of Spearmint Terpene from us for producing a different range of products depending on the industry you belong to.

Especially in terms of clinical usage of Spearmint Terpene, it is mostly used in aromatherapy. The availability of cooling menthol inside this product helps to bring cool sensation on the body burnt or injured part. Ideally insert inside burning ointments and lotions, Spearmint Terpene brings great deal relief to the skin in a matter of short time.

Another usage of Spearmint Terpene is with numbing the skin part while performing surgery or any other medical treatment. Again the cooling sensation of this product has a property to numb the area of the skin wherever applied and helps physicians to perform the required treatment.

Apart from all the above, pharmaceutical companies make further usage of Spearmint Terpene in manufacturing pain relief lotions, ointments, sprays, migraine medicine, and much more.

If you deal in manufacturing different kinds of cosmetic products, then again you need to lay hands on Spearmint Terpene. The availability of menthol helps to treat acne on the kind by bringing a soothing cooling effect. Another way to use this product is inside hair growth creams and lotions.

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